recent past and coming soon

• This past summer I had two pictures short-listed by the Royal Photographic Society for their international print exhibition. Unfortunately neither was accepted for the final exhibition.

• My presentation on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Photography at the opening of my show at the Bossanyi Studio in Pinner, London, was very well received and I have been invited to present it again next spring to the Pinner Philosophy Group. It will also be a focus of a presentation I have been asked to give this winter to the Missoula Art Museum.

• Friday 5th October, 2018, is the opening of a month-long Halloween-oriented exhibition titled “A Darker Vision” to be held at 113 and 115 West Main Street, Missoula, Montana. All are invited to attend the opening between 5 and 8 pm. My 6 prints (which feature England, Scotland, Montana, France and Italy) are part of an exhibition by myself and 5 other artists and can be viewed here.

• Stay tuned for 2 new pages on my website, one on Idaho and the other on Eastern Scotland, to be added in a few weeks (I hope!).

Recently exhibitied in Greece

During January 2018 one of my photos taken in Scotland last year was exhibited in Athens, Greece, at The Blank Wall Gallery's exhibition of Street Photography. Here are two photos which show it hanging during the exhibition.



And here is the picture of fishermen pulling a net along the harbour wall:

Please also see "Latest Additions." Thank you, Alan.

Dramatic landscapes from Scotland's west coast

I have added a new gallery of landscapes from Scotland's west coast. Ranging from Sutherland in the north to my family's home ground of Galloway in the south, many were shot just this year. 

I have also removed the previous gallery titled "Scotland." The plan is to add two more Scottish galleries, one from the eastern half of the country and one titled "Rocks and Stones." I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I hope you enjoy these new pictures.