launching new website today

Since taking a SquareSpace short course in London last spring, I have been totally rewriting my old photography website and today I'm very pleased to be finally announcing its debut. I have changed the address from to (although the old site redirects to the new for the time being).

I'm very proud of this new site and I hope you like it too. I'm planning to make additions and update photographs every month or so. So, please add your name to my email list. 

I'm excited to be having pictures in a huge exhibition in Berlin next month ( and I'll post more details later.

In the meantime I just want to extend a heartfelt word of thanks to my wife's cousin in London, Ms Ceinwen Jones, who not only informed me about the short course at The Guardian newspaper, but also has taken considerable personal time and effort to review my work and provide very useful comments and suggestions. Ceinwen has been professionally involved with web design in London for a long time, so her contributions have been especially valuable.

That's enough for now. Thanks for visiting my new site and please stop by again soon, Alan.