O'ahu, Hawaii in February

I have added eighteen new pictures taken in Hawaii last month to my website.

Viewing digital images on a tablet or mobile phone is a wonderful innovation. But it has a drawback with certain kinds of image. These are the kind of pictures that do not lend themselves to being compressed to thumbnail size. They might have such fine detail that, to be really appreciated, they must be printed at large size. An example is the picture below of three kite surfers on O'ahu's Windward Shore. One is hydro-foiling almost clear of the water, and another is momentarily airborne, about 6 feet (2 metres) above the waves. Taken with a Leica Tele-Elmarit lens, the detail is astounding. As an experiment, I have uploaded the image above at almost full resolution. Try clicking here and then click on the image to enlarge; a lot of the detail is apparent although it still is not as sharp as the 16-inch (40 cm) square print.

To see all 18 pictures at normal website resolution, please click here.