recent past and coming soon

• This past summer I had two pictures short-listed by the Royal Photographic Society for their international print exhibition. Unfortunately neither was accepted for the final exhibition.

• My presentation on the Ethics and Aesthetics of Photography at the opening of my show at the Bossanyi Studio in Pinner, London, was very well received and I have been invited to present it again next spring to the Pinner Philosophy Group. It will also be a focus of a presentation I have been asked to give this winter to the Missoula Art Museum.

• Friday 5th October, 2018, is the opening of a month-long Halloween-oriented exhibition titled “A Darker Vision” to be held at 113 and 115 West Main Street, Missoula, Montana. All are invited to attend the opening between 5 and 8 pm. My 6 prints (which feature England, Scotland, Montana, France and Italy) are part of an exhibition by myself and 5 other artists and can be viewed here.

• Stay tuned for 2 new pages on my website, one on Idaho and the other on Eastern Scotland, to be added in a few weeks (I hope!).